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360° photography goes by many names. 3D photography, virtual tours, panoramic video, but no matter what you call it, when you have one on your website marketing research shows an increase in the amount of traffic on your website. Virtual tours have also been shown to increase how long visitors stay on your website.

Green Hat can create beautiful, professional virtual photography of your physical space. We can connect your virtual tour to Google Street view so people can walk right in from Google. We can add branded photos or online store products to your virtual tour. Green Hat can even add video of you welcoming guests to your space. A virtual tour can increase your website and business listing SEO in addition to giving your customers an incredible 3D experience. 

Matterport logo
3D Vista logo
Matterport Pro2 camera with tripod
Matterport floor scan for insurance

If a picture paints a thousand words, a virtual tour paints 1000  words or more



Matterport Insurance wireframe rendering


Virtual tours can be a great way to document your home, business, or job site for insurance purposes.

Factory floor


A virtual tour of your facility can be a training tutorial or a secure way to demonstrate your capabilities.

Apartment window

Real Estate

Virtual tours are becoming an expectation in the real estate industry for rentals and sales. 

Doll House view of multilevel home

Doll House

If you need a complete 3D visual of your space, we can create the "Doll House" view of your space.

A virtual tour can serve many purposes and be an extremely flexible form of media to boost the profile and visibility of your business. 

Our 3D scans can produce automated site plans, floor plans, and elevation renderings. We can also produce accurate dimensional measurements of your space for planning and estimating purposes.

3D scans and virtual tours are perfect for real estate and construction. A virtual tour would be a great way to update a distant client on the building process or changes in a job site. 

matterport virtual tour measurements


Obtain accurate measurements and dimensions for planning and estimating.

Businesses with virtual tours usually rank higher in Google search results and research shows an increase in traffic to websites with virtual tours. 

Not only will more traffic hit your website, your visitors spend 5-10 times as long on your website. Green Hat can integrate your online store into your virtual tour or use a virtual tour to sell online, even if you don't have a online store. 

Bellazo Revived Style Virtual Tour

Bellazo Revived Style is an incredible clothing boutique and gift store in historic downtown Wabash, IN. We used "matter tags" to highlight some key products and connected those tags to Bellazo's online store. Not only can you virtually walk through Bellazo, you can buy right off the virtual shelf and pick up at the store or have it shipped to your home.

Does your space change often? Green Hat can keep your virtual tour up to date with a regular update scan that can meet any budget. We have very flexible payment plans for all of our services. Contact us today for a free estimate and consultation!

Charley Creek Inn Wine and Cheese Shoppe is another fantastic venue in Wabash, IN. Check out their virtual tour and "walk" to the back of the store. There you will find a link to another virtual tour of their Ice Cream and Candy Shoppe



Charley Creek Inn is a historic boutique hotel that has been beautifully renovated. It also includes the tasty Ice Cream and Candy Shoppe as well as delicious fine dining at Twenty restaurant.

The Green Hat Lounge offers spirits, brews on tap, and often live music. This place holds a special place in our heart as it is the name sake of our Company Green Hat. 

Charley Creek Wine and Cheese Bar Virtual tour
Aerial photograph of Wabash

A Super Tour of a downtown area, campus, or campground provides information and viewpoints that are often left on the cutting room floor or lost in the text on a website. 

Super Tours 

Not only can Green Hat create versatile virtual tours of your rental, office, store, restaurant, or hotel, but we can also create 360° virtual tours of your outdoor park, concert venue, farm, campus, city, or county! We call these large outdoor 360° tours, super tours.  We use high resolution panoramic photography and image stitching to create these extraordinary immersive experiences. 

There are many models for how to create a super tour for your community. Contact us today to talk about the wide variety of options we have to create a super tour for your community or location. This is a great way to increase your exposure and visibility and show potential visitors all the reasons to visit. Let them walk the streets or fly through the sky and get a better understanding of your outdoor/indoor space and all it has to offer. 

Mavic 2 Pro drone
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