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Green Hat
Online Media Store 

Welcome to the Green Hat Online Media Store. Our digital media store is a place to buy pictures online of some of your favorite places, people, and feelings. We offer various types of licenses for the pictures and other media you can buy online. From personal licenses to exclusive commercial rights, we have many ways to share our art. At Green Hat, we love art of all kinds and it is our pleasure to share some of our media and photography with you. 


We firmly believe photography is powerful. Great photographs can:

  • Tell a story

  • Capture iconic, unique, or emotional moments

  • Pay special attention to detail

  • Display a distinctive perspective

  • Memorialize a special moment in time


But what really makes a photograph powerful is entirely up to the individual viewing it. Our unique experiences, interests, attitudes, and memories all play an important role in our perception of what we see. And what we see can affect how we feel. Studies have shown that engaging in cultural activities - such as viewing photographs and art - results in increased rates of good health, satisfaction with one’s life, and lower rates of anxiety and depression. Regardless of the differences in what we ultimately see, we hope you love them as much as we do!


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