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Text informs, but video tells a story. Quickly. Video is a vital tool for businesses and organizations to connect with their audience. According to Google, YouTube reaches more 18- to 49-year-olds in an average week than all cable TV networks combined. Putting your video on network or local TV is great, but FAR more expensive than promoting on social media and Youtube. More than half of ALL Internet web traffic is from a mobile device, so mobile video ads can reach a massive audience.

Promote a product. Sell a service. Cover an event or just tell a story. Whether you want to memorialize an important family moment or take your business to the next level, Green Hat has a video solution for you. Already have a vision for your video? We can make it happen. Don't know where to start? We can create from scratch. From aerial photography with fully insured and licensed drones to 360° photo and video, Green Hat can deliver amazing videos. 


Production video set

“The amount of information contained in one single video frame can take 3 pages of text to describe. The feeling, the colors—the message is seen immediately. It is a known fact that people engage more when they watch a video...”


Sometimes you need a high level of production and editing to deliver the video you need. Other times a simple video with little editing. Green Hat has a video solution for you. We have the equipment and experience to produce cinematic quality videos, but we also have the knowledge to maximize the marketability of video footage shot from a phone. Green Hat has fully insured and licensed drone operators to capture aerial photography and video for a variety of purposes. 

Simple Short Business Brand Video
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Sometimes you don't need a great deal of video production. Green Hat's simple video solutions offer a low cost business video option that can meet any budget. These videos can add great value to your business listing or website without breaking the bank. 

Professional Video Production
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Green Hat has the professional cinema-quality video production equipment and years of experience to create high level videos for any need. Green Hat can offer multi-cam interviews, customized graphics, and animation to create amazing videos that tell your story and impress your audience. We can deliver professional video production for your business or organization. 

Aerial Photography & Drone Services
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Drone operation rules have really tightened in recent years. It's required to have a trained, licensed, and insured drone operator for any aerial photography project. Green Hat offers fully licensed and insured drone operators to capture footage and photography from the sky. Nothing adds excitement and beauty to a video like professional drone photography. 

360° Photography and Virtual Tours
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3D or 360° photography and video creates a one of a kind experience. If a picture paints a thousand words, imagine the impact of letting customers navigate through your business with 360° photography or a virtual tour. There are many options for creating a 3D experience. This is a growing trend in digital marketing and an essential tool for rentals, real estate, and other industries who want to display their spaces in their full glory. 360 video can also improve your livestreams

There were 3 trillion hours of total video watched on Facebook... every month. 

Green Hat

Green Hat has filmed hundreds of videos for our wide variety of clients. While we would prefer to film your project, we also provide video editing services for existing footage that you need to put together. No matter how your video project comes together, Green Hat can help you plan your video to maximize the marketing value. 

Green Hat can create video ads for you business or organization that we can run on a number of platforms including mobile games or local television. We can also run in-stream ads on social media platforms. In-stream video ads are the most popular form of video advertising and are also thought to have the highest return on investment. Perhaps the biggest trend in video advertising are shoppable video ads. These video ads allow links within the video that link directly to your online store. When you can add multiple products to the video, consumers can "shop the video" which directly leads to more sales. 

We make videos that are seen by thousands of people, but we also make many videos that are delivered and only seen by the client. The majority of our videos are not publicly available. For example, Green Hat makes legal videos. We create settlement videos or 'Day in the Life' videos for both settlement and trial purposes. That being said, we have many videos on our social video platforms. Much of our older work is on our YouTube channel and most of our newer work is on our Vimeo page. Check out our video galleries for a small sample of Green Hat video production. 

Screenshot of Green Hat Vimeo Channel
Screenshot of Green Hat YouTube Channel
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